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3.31 Gotty April Playlist

7 Rap Songs for your April Playlist

By John Gotty of The Smoking Section 

In today’s music landscape, new music releases fast and often. So much so that in most cases, by the time we start to digest one song or project another one is following right behind, ready to bump the prior release off our radar. Don’t get it twisted because there are no complaints here. As a music fanatic, the more we have to listen to the better off our lives are.

Still, having some help to trim the fat and cut out the wack can be a great benefit and that’s why we’re here with seven selected songs from the Muve Music catalog to make a short playlist with.

Why seven songs? Easy. They usually total out to right around 30 minutes combined, good enough for the morning commute, cardio at the gym or on the street, etc. And if you need more than 30 minutes worth of music, the songs are strong enough that you can run them back again with no problem.

1. Rick Ross Ft. Big Sean & Kanye West – “Sanctified”

No disrespect to Rozay but ‘Ye and Sean make this track. In fact, it sounds like more like a G.O.O.D. number more than a typical MMG joint. When Kanye’s rapping and not rantin’, good things happen.
2. ScHoolboy Q – “Prescription/Oxymoron”

Q guides listeners through the dark side of addiction on the first half of the track, “Prescription.” The light at the end of the tunnel is the rabble-rousing “Oxymoron” with its brash refrain “I just stopped selling crack today!” Stay on the legal side of things, courtesy of Groovy Q.

3. YG – “BPT”

Every album should start off on a strong high note like YG’s My Krazy Life‘s opener. Knuckles fly, sets get thrown up and steady mobbing goes down from beginning to close on the two-minute banger. Compton has a new prince of the city and he proves he’s willing to fight to keep the crown firmly fitted upon his head.

4. Pharrell – “It Girl”

Funky. Infectious. Groovy. Meant for two-stepping with a companion or even by yourself in the mirror. Let it play while snapping selfies and watch yourself flourish!

5. Kevin Gates Ft. 2 Chainz – “Bet I’m On It”

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Kevin Gates continues his trek to nationwide notoriety with his latest project By Any Means. With 2 Chainz in tow for a feature, “Bet I’m On It” should attract new ears to Gates and he doesn’t disappoint.

His melodic vocals and a penchant for creating a catchy cadence with his flow are key assets but it’s Gates street sensibilities and honesty that make him a fan favorite among those who take time to delve into his material.

6. DJ Mustard Ft. YG, Jeezy & Que – “Vato”

Any song that utilizes the words cholo, yolo, nachos and vato probably won’t be receiving any Songwriter Of The Year awards. That doesn’t take anything away from the funky bassline Mustard concocts that will leave your foot tapping and head nodding in rhythm. Plus, Atlanta native Que’s the one who shines, keeping up his string of strong solo efforts and appearances.

7. Isaiah Rashad – “Heavenly Father”

Right now, “Heavenly Father” is my favorite song of 2014. Yes, I’m fully aware that we’re only one quarter into the year so I’m not saying this one will retain the slot through December. But, right now, “Heavenly…” is holding the number one position firmly as Spottie speaks on his struggles to find a foothold in a world so crazy but does it in such a melodic way that it feels pain-free for the ears.

As one of TDE’s shining new signings, the potential Isaiah shows here explains how he earned the hallowed roster spot and the future’s bright, as long as he can escape the troubles of growing into manhood and being a professional artist.