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Bargain Babe Coupon Tips

Ask the Experts: Bargain Babe Answers Your Couponing Questions

Weather you’re on the go or spending a relaxing Sunday morning scanning the circulars, coupons, while small, can really add up to BIG savings at the checkout counter. Just a single coupon can save you up to 25-100% off your next item. With Cricket, you save MORE money on your cell phone bill, and now we want to help you find and use best coupon apps, tips and tricks to extreme coupon savings without the stress. Julia from Bargain Babe answers your couponing questions below!

Can I use e-coupons stacked with manufacturer coupons or are they the same thing?

If the e-coupon is a manufacturer coupon, then no, you can’t stack them because they are both from the manufacturer. But if you have a store brand e-coupon, you should be fine.

What are “coupon clipping” services, and should I be using them?

Coupon clipping services charge processing fees in exchange for coupons. You can pick and chose what coupons you want, and buy multiples of the same coupon, unlike clipping singles from a newspaper insert. They are legal as long as you are not buying the coupon.

What are the best websites to print coupons? Is it true if you ask, companies will send coupons?

There are so many websites to print coupons, it can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for grocery coupons, I like If you’re looking for retail coupons, I use But don’t play favorites! Search multiple websites for the coupon you want, or Google it.

Yes! Many companies will send you coupons if you snail mail them a nice letter, especially if you confess to being a loyal customer of their product. Here is a form letter to request coupons.

Do you feel it is cost effective to print off coupons from websites or is it better to just clip the free ones from the newspaper and save on the ink and paper?

Do whatever saves you time and fits your lifestyle! A lot of stores accept e-coupons that you can load onto your smartphone or store loyalty card, so don’t forget about that option! You can also join a coupon train to reduce waste.

Where are some of the best place to download coupons to my shopper card? has the biggest selection of stores that you can download e-coupons to a loyalty card, so I would start there. Also check out and

What is the best web site for grocery coupons?

I like, but remember that not every website has the same coupons, so you may want to check a few until you find the coupon you are looking for.

Is it true some grocery stores double the value of coupons? How do I find out which ones participate?

Yes! Many grocery stores double coupons. Check the weekly flyer or ask a sales associate. Not every store openly shares their coupon policy, so it’s a good idea to ask a manager for a written copy of the policy.

Are their seasons when coupons for specific products are more readily available? Like are their more coupons for soups in winter vs. summer? If so, should I stock up on these items during these times using coupons since those coupons will not be available later in the year?

You always see extreme couponing shows where they walk away with so many free items. How do they do it?

They do what’s called “coupon stacking.” They buy an item that is already on sale, then they “stack” the sale with a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon, if available. The combination brings down the cost to pennies on the dollar, especially if coupon doubling is allowed!

What’s the best way to keep track and organize coupons I cut out from the paper? My stacks of clippings are a little distressing.

I struggle with coupon organization, too! I went through a lot of different styles before paper clipping each week’s inserts together with a sticky that reminded me of the publication date. That way, I can quickly find any coupon I’m looking for.

Are there any smartphone app recommendations?

For coupon apps, I’d recommend Ibotta and Shopkick, also Cartwheel by Target if you’re a fan of the bullseye.