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Get Pitbull’s RockDoc Speakers Exclusively at Cricket

Starting this week, you can find two of Pitbull’s new RockDoc Bluetooth speakers exclusively at Cricket stores across the country. Now, you can listen to Mr. Worldwide and all your other favorite artists on Muve Music through these stylish, affordable and travel-friendly speakers!

The Pitbull RockDoc Power speaker comes with 4 GB of internal memory, so you can store music files on the speaker itself, as well as connect to it via an audiocable to play Muve Music tracks. To get you started, we’re hooking you up with two free Pitbull tracks already pre-loaded on the speaker!bluetoothpitbull

The Pitbull RockDoc Bluetooth Speaker connects to your Cricket phone via Bluetooth technology so you can listen to all your Muve Music songs, with no cables required.

Visit your local Cricket store to get your own Pitbull RockDoc speaker, and don’t forget to download his music on Muve Music today!