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Keeping in touch during the holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

How are you keeping in touch with friends and family during the holidays? We recently conducted a survey and found some interesting new rules between how men and women, and different generations, like to spread holiday cheer.

  • 45% of the people we surveyed prefer digital messaging vs. 46% who prefer traditional phone calls to stay in touch with family and friends this holiday season
  • For millenials, emails, text messages and social channels have surpassed making phone calls to wish loved ones happy holidays
  • 54% of men said they prefer calling someone over sending a digital message, vs. only 36% of women
  • For those talking on the phone during the holidays, 42% of people plan to spend 11+ hours on the phone, with 22% of these reporting they will spend 21+ hours doing so.
  • While men plan to talk on the phone more in comparison to digital communication, women still plan to talk for longer durations.
  • 51% of people prefer calling their family over the holidays than traveling a long distance to visit.
  • Moms (54%) are the most likely family member to be contacted during Nov. – Dec., with sisters (53%) coming in second, followed by brothers (49%) and dads (41%).
  • 85% of people overwhelmingly agree that electronic messaging has replaced traditional handwritten notes.
  • Friends are the overwhelming favorite, with 71% of people planning to call or text friends during the holidays.

How are you contacting your friends and family during the holidays? Are you opting for phone calls over traveling to visit? Would you rather send a text message than make a phone call? Tell us what you think on our Facebook page wall.

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Holiday Mobile Phone Infographic