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Latino Muve First Challenge

We are headed into the second round of our Latino Muve First Artist Challenge, “La Estrella del Momento.” Get to know our top five musicians and be sure to vote for your favorite artist here. Download their music to create a sizzling summer playlist! You can find tracks from each artist on a ready-made Muve playlist under My DJ > Latin Pop > “Las Estrellas del Momento.”

J Alvarez is a Puerto Rican reggaeton artist; his hit single “La Pregunta” (The Question) chronicles a romantic pursuit. The remix of this song features reggaeton heavyweights Daddy Yankee and Tito el Bambino.

The two brothers of Rio Roma have worked with some of the biggest Latino artists in the industry, as songwriters. Now they’re breaking out on their own, and their ballad “Tonto” talks about being successful in other areas of your life, but not being able to find love.

LA-based Raul y Mexia may be the sons of famous Regional Mexican group Los Tigres del Norte, but their music is more inspired by hip hop and electronic music. The duo’s bilingual album features the playful single “Las Escondidas.”

Before his solo career, PeeWee was known as the lead singer of Kumbia Kings, the band formed by A.B. Quintanilla, Selena’s brother. Today, PeeWee not only sings, but also acts and has hosted programs on MTV Tr3s. Download his single, “Duele Decirte Adios” on Muve Music today.

Roberto Junior just might have the song of the summer with “El Coco No.” The fun dance track features his unique blend of Regional Mexican genres that results in his own “bandeño” style.