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Love at first text? Survey reveals how people use their smartphones in relationships

Whether you’re single or a star-crossed lover, there are rules to follow and behaviors to avoid when searching for that special someone. Cricket surveyed people nationwide to see how they’re beginning and ending relationships via cell phone and to uncover lethal communication behaviors. Here are some of the top stats the survey revealed:

  • 29 percent of Americans say they would give a fake phone number to avoid an embarrassing situation
  • 51 percent admit to researching potential partners’ social media profiles before their first date
  • 29 percent of people would send a sexy photo of themselves to their significant other
  • 12 percent say they would break up via text


And for those looking to keep their relationships strong, the survey also revealed the top most annoying communication styles. What’s among them? “The Musing Maniac” often has their mind somewhere else, and “The Smothering Suitor” calls or texts too frequently.

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