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Tech tip: Back up your smartphone

For Android users, first sync your Google account. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Backup and Reset, and tap “Backup my Data” and “Automatic Restore.” Then go to Settings > Accounts and Google, and make sure all the backup options are selected. Google will hang on to all of your contacts, settings, calendar, and more, and restore them if you upgrade your phone and sync your Google account.

If you also want to make sure your texts are saved, check out apps like SMS Backup +, which sends your text threads to Gmail and stores them there, or SMS Backup & Restore Pro. Check out the Play Store for slew of other apps that can help you backup your phone! 


For iPhone users, visit Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and make sure iCloud Backup is selected. Super-users may need to purchase an iCloud storage upgrade. You can also use iTunes to back up your iPhone’s data to your computer.